Tuesday , January 22nd 2019
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Back Pains can be troublesome and give you sleepless nights but you don’t need to suffer till the end of time. With the Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massage Cushion you will be able to achieve the relief from the bothering pain that you have always been dreaming for it to go.


The design is elegant and fits almost all the chairs and the best part is you don’t need to have those bulky massage chairs adding up to the extra space in your living room forever.

Homedics has manufactured a compact product and its lightweight too. Some of the consumers might like to go for the full body massage chair but seriously where is the space and time to preserve it. The Homedics Massage cushion can be moved from chair to chair without much efforts as it weighs only 12.1 pounds. You can use this in any part of your home and enjoy all the benefits this product has to offer.

Once you get back home after a long day of work you would like to close your eyes and get some peace and rest. Just sit on the chair with the Homedics cushion on and manipulate the settings you prefer with the touch of a remote button. The remote is extremely programmable and can be used as per your preference with different settings without much intervention.

Every user preferences are different thus Homedics Massage cushion is designed to give you various options to choose from. If you are a user who would like to have high intensity of massage then you could chose the settings accordingly and if you would like to have a gentle massage there is room for that too. Just change the setting to lighter mode and it will to the inner changes as per your preference.

Shiatsu Massage will offer you the massage in three zones. The kneads will travel up from your shoulders, upper back to lower back but you could also choose the settings to a specific point of your body for further relaxation.

Air Massage utilizes compression and then gently puts pressure on the lumbar air. Three different modes are available for users to opt from as per their desired choice.

Heat can immensely heal the pain and this is another feather in the cap for Homedics Massage Cushion. Once in use it subtly warms your back with the bearable heat levels and this helps in rejuvenation of your body. The warm energy produced will relieve you from muscle tensions, nerves, soreness & other aches.

You can also choose the option from the remote provided to totally switch off the heat flow.

Overall Homedics Massage Cushion is very lightweight with a complementing price. It fits most of the chairs and will benefit most of the users as it has 2 modes settings that gives options to different users.


Cheaper priced to others in the same category

Remote Control makes it easy to operate

Lightweight cushion. Easily movable

Heat Function

2 mode massage for different users and their preferences

Focus on pain areas with specific point massage

Fits on most of the chairs


Some users have reported weaker intensity.