Saturday , December 15th 2018
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Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick – Classic 18″- Massage Therapy on the Go Review

Tiger Tail Massage Stick is extremely portable easy to carry muscle roller where you go. You are always with your therapist when you own the Tiger Tail Massage Stick. Be it your work place, gym or home this product comes in very handy and useful on the spot by giving you speedy muscle recovery. Good if you need relief from back pain, joint pain, & muscle pain. Immediate relief is what you can avail by purchasing this product.

Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick – Classic 18″- Massage Therapy on the Go

Tiger Tail Massage Stick is cushioned foam roller massage that is comfortable, gentle and effective at the same time. It works on to give deep massages to the muscle in order to have proper blood circulation and oxygen flow for speedy recovery. You could use it before your vigorous workouts to prevent from injuries and increase mobility.

You could choose what is desired by your body. It can be used for multiple uses from head to toe. You don’t have to necessarily go to the floor to use it just massage from the bottom of your feet to your neck. You could adjust the pressure as per your liking and go in for a deep tissue or Swedish massage by controlling the pressure and movement at all times.

Our advice is not to spend your hard earned money on products that call themselves equivalent to Tiger Tail Massage Stick. The cheaper and replica products will be using hard plastic that will hurt and is not effective for the purpose you have purchased it.

Its an ergonomically designed massage therapy tool. The foam rolling is easy and saves your fingers and hands from getting tired. The roller provides consistent distribution of pressure towards the tired muscles which reduces the pain quickly and brings you back to better mobility. This product is preferred by the athletic trainers, personal trainers, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists & massage therapists.

To prevent yourself from getting cramps, soreness, stiffness, muscle spasms, and injuries use the Tiger Tail Massage Stick. It is recommended worldwide by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists & athletic trainers.  

Every active person deals with some degree of muscle soreness which is why Tiger Tail Massage Stick is considered one of the best tools for giving you faster and quick relief from muscle pain.

You can choose between the 18” or the 22” the basic difference is the construction of length. The 22” will offer 14” area of massage surface while the 18” will offer 10” area of massage surface. The shorter length is easier to put in smaller bags.

This is an industry leading product as its created a niche in the hand-held foam roller market. You will find this product in most of the top level training companies across the country.